June 11, 2020

Our new look!

After seven years we're saying goodbye to our original logo and introducing our new look! We also took the opportunity to update our website.

Our new look!

Last weekend we said goodbye to our original logo and corporate website, and welcomed a completely new logo and website.  Our original logo was introduced in 2013, and after serving us tirelessly on websites, t-shirts, flyers, and emails, it was time to send it off warmly.  Our new logo takes on more subtle color tones and is much more fluid to reflect the ever-changing landscape of the veterinary industry.  Here's one final look at the old logo:

And here's our new logo:

Our website, which also served us well for the past three years, also got an update.  We wanted to feature our customers' experiences much more prominently, so we added a lot more testimonials.  We also wanted the website to have a more open feel, so we leverage whitespace a lot more, and separated the content into different sections.

It's always sad to say goodbye, but we're excited about our new look.  Many thanks to everyone involved in the design process, and for all the great feedback that we've received so far.