September 30, 2014

Bay Area Veterinary Housecall Associates Selects Vetter Software to Improve Patient Care and Practice Health

Today Vetter Software announced that Bay Area Veterinary Housecall Associates, a mobile veterinary practice based in San Francisco, California, selected Vetter Software’s cloud practice management solution to improve its patients’ care, simplify record keeping and improve the financial health of its practice.

“Vetter Software has allowed for better record keeping and book keeping over all,” said Jennifer Sawyer, Practice Manager, Bay Area Veterinary Housecall Associates. “For us, better record keeping allows for better standard of patient care. It also allows us to quickly identify the most lucrative services to offer clients, as well as the best products to stock and use in our practice.”

“Forward-thinking practices such as Bay Area Veterinary Housecall Associates have recognized the benefits of cloud solutions, and are taking advantage of those benefits to improve patient care and their bottom lines,” said Sagi Solomon, Founder & CEO, Vetter Software. “Partnering with Jennifer and her team has been great because we’re working together to advance veterinary healthcare using cloud technologies and best practices. I look forward to working with the Bay Area Veterinary Housecall Associates team for many years to come.”

Prior to using Vetter Software, Bay Area Veterinary Housecall Associates relied on paper records. “Vetter Software has enabled us to eliminate the paperwork that was both time and space-consuming,” added Jennifer. “Our experience has been very encouraging. The management and support teams are reliable, available and open to user input when implementing changes and improvements in the solution. We give Vetter Software a great rating over-all.”

About Bay Area Veterinary Housecall Associates

Bay Area Veterinary Housecall Associates is based in San Francisco, California. Part of our mission is to prevent disease in our patients by taking the time to educate our clients. When we begin a relationship with a patient we take the time needed to get a full understanding of the client’s needs and perform the most complete assessment possible. Then we will provide a detailed plan tailored to the individual’s needs. To learn more about Bay Area Veterinary Housecall Associates, please visit