September 12, 2017

Customer Spotlight: Bayne Mobile Veterinary Services

Customer Spotlight: Bayne Mobile Veterinary Services

Today we’re proud to share the story of Dr. Norman Bayne and Bayne Mobile Veterinary Services. Founded in 2011, this team of five performs routine veterinary work, geriatrics including cold laser therapy and hospice, and at-home euthanasia to patients in and around Rochester Hills, Michigan.

“We pride ourselves in our passion and thoroughness of exams,” said Dr. Bayne. “We are very people-oriented and love interacting with both the public and the pets. Our team numbers five people, with myself, an LVT, a technician, a telephone receptionist, and an artist making hand-made sympathy cards. We are a lean practice with an on-line store and a passion for the welfare of our patients and clients.”

Dr. Bayne began his search for a new practice management solution in 2014. “I was using another cloud solution, and was very frustrated with assistance on questions,” added Dr. Bayne. “It was somewhat hard to export data and I never did figure out some of the features they mentioned were available.”

Though frustrated by his prior experience, Dr. Bayne chose to stay with a cloud offering. “I wanted to stay with a cloud solution because I didn’t need to manage my own backups, and cloud solutions are more secure than hard drives,” he said. “Vetter looked much more user friendly than our other system, and indeed turned out to be so.”

Dr. Bayne began using our practice management solution in 2014. “My experience with Vetter so far has been fantastic! The program is so easy to use. I use a tablet for calls, and Vetter is completely compatible with my tablet. When the time comes to add up charges and leave the home, we do so quickly with Vetter. I always make estimates and this hastens the check out process. The printed schedule with all contact information, pet name and reason for call is great to print out and have in the car to plug in GPS for our house call practice. Also, customer support is incredibly rapid and thorough. The Vetter crew always exceeds my expectations.”

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