Today we’re proud to share the story of Animal Medical Group in Nassau, Bahamas.  Dr. Mark Butler and his business partners recently opened the doors of their new practice.  Their desire is to change the way veterinary services are delivered in the Bahamas, and to provide access to these services in the Eastern District of Nassau.

Here’s their story as shared by Dr. Butler:

Animal Medical Group is a new veterinary clinic located in the Harbour Bay Shopping Plaza in Nassau, Bahamas.  We opened the practice because we wanted to change the way veterinary services are delivered in the Bahamas and a cloud base software was integral to this vision.
We want to use very little paper (and definitely have no servers) in the new practice. My partners weren't keen at first as they prefer server-base software. However, I was able to convince them a cloud software is a better, more flexible option.  We evaluated several cloud base software options before looking at Vetter.
I discovered Vetter rather serendipitously - searching for an appointment handler.  We learned about Vetter from one of the appointment handler vendors that we were evaluating.  So, I went to check out Vetter and was immediately impressed – so much so that we switched from the cloud-base practice management company with whom we held initial trials.
Vetter is very easy to use, intuitive and the support is great.  It allows for much flexibility to create templates and use the software the way we want our practice to operate. The appointment portal is very good, obviating the need for a separate subscription to an appointment handler.  And of course, the price is very competitive.  Our experience with the software so far is great – we are yet to find something to complain about!