Today we’re proud to share the story of Black Brook Veterinary Services, which was founded in January 2019 by Dr. Derek Cavatorta.  With the help of part-time veterinarian, Dr. Sara Cook, and technician/manager, Kim DaSilva, Black Brook has quickly become known for providing reliable, high quality large-animal veterinary services to patients within a one-hour radius of Hamilton, MA. Dr. Derek grew up in the area and has formed long-lasting relationships within the robust local horse community over the years. Over the past six months, the have steadily grown our client base and are quickly approaching our goals for the practice, including bringing on Dr. Cook full time.

Here’s their story as shared by Kim DaSilva:

Vetter was one of several practice management software companies that we looked at when we were preparing to open our business - we were told about it by a colleague who really liked the software.  We were looking for a solution that would allow us to manage billing and records efficiently, and to allow us to solve the challenges in data accessibility and efficiency that are inherent in a practice with multiple mobile veterinarians.  With other programs, having several laptops that are not connected throughout the day is problematic and synching the laptops at the end of the day is cumbersome.  
Ultimately, Vetter checked all the boxes for us. Vetter allows us to quickly look up information or schedule an appointment from the road or the home office. We love that invoices are sent in real-time, not several days later when the office staff gets a chance to mail paper copies. Vetter offers us a stream-lined system that helps us reduce expenses and save time.  It is easy to use, cloud-based, allows for credit card and laboratory integration, and has inventory tracking and ordering capabilities. The daunting task of setting everything up was made simple, and Vetter gave us the option to do it on our own time. In addition, we love the scalable subscription model that will grow with our newly formed business.
Our experience so far has been excellent. Being able to handle billing, patient records, and inventory on the road is a game-changer. We don’t need an extra person on payroll sitting in the office all day long, and the clients love being able to communicate quickly and efficiently with the veterinarians and staff.  We are able to keep up with records and billing between appointments on the road, and clients are able to pay their bills online at their convenience. This has resulted in a more manageable accounts receivable for the business, and faster, more reliable communication for clients.  Our clients love getting digital copies of their exam notes and invoices after each visit, and the online invoicing allows them to pay online, both of which has greatly streamlined our office’s efficiency. The customer service has been excellent, and the online help center is a great resource that allowed us to set everything up just how we wanted all on our own.  Overall, our efficiency has improved significantly.