September 5, 2018

Customer Spotlight: Diamond L Veterinary Service

Today we’re proud to share the story of Diamond L Veterinary Service. Dr. Stacy Lowery and her husband, Cameron, founded the practice two and a half years ago with the goal of providing affordable preventative medicine for the Wills Point, Texas community. The merging of affordability and compassionate knowledge-based pet care proved to be a successful approach to reducing the barriers to obtaining pet healthcare, and as a result the practice quickly grew to seven staff members, and expanded the range of services that it offers and the number of communities that it serves.

Diamond L Veterinary Service started using our software earlier this year. Here’s the story of their journey as shared by Dallas Edwards, Diamond L’s practice manager:

As our practice started to grow we realized that we needed software that could grow along with us. We knew that we needed cloud-based software to make our team more efficient. We searched online for software, and of course found many options. Based on online reviews we narrowed our choices to four that offered the things that we were looking for, including the option to work off our smart phones, tablets, chrome books, laptops, and desktops, maintain inventory accurately, and track production. The software had to empower us to provide great client service from home or remote locations such as community outreach vaccine clinics, it had to send reminders correctly and efficiently with little to no staff time dedicated to this task, it had to allow us to customize our forms without having to contact support, and to reduce the number of clicking within the software to save time and effort.

Vetter offered all of these things. They were very patient with allowing us to do several demos while narrowing our decision. The software looked clean and did not intimidate the staff. We were impressed with the automatic logging of communications with clients because it keeps it all in the record for documenting purposes. It has a time clock so that we didn’t have to pay for another program to manage time sheets. The integration with distributors for order placing and inventory control is a time saver! The reports are very detailed. Vetter allowed us to click anywhere or hover to go to patient, client, invoice, or medical history. We don’t need to go through many screens to get where we need to go.

Our entire team has been very pleased with Vetter. My staff does not complain anymore! Our medical histories are more defined and easily entered at the time of the appointment. The only paper we use is for notations or anesthetic release forms. The check-in and checkout process is much faster so clients don’t have to wait. My inventory is correct and cost is managed more appropriately. I do not feel we are dropping any charges due to a software issue. The bundling helps staff know what services are included in specific treatments and they just have to click a box! The technicians love that it only takes one click to see patient history, invoice, or attach a picture if needed. It is user-friendly software that also allows for growth without roadblocks. The support team is unbeatable! I have had a great experience with support as I was learning to use the software. Support has really only been needed when we are unsure how to use a feature and not for an actual problem, which is a vast improvement from our previous software that we called twice daily. The support team always calls me within 20 minutes of sending an issue. The training with the staff was great and they have allowed us to use a demo in our staff meeting to train new features that we have grown into needing to use. They have an online community for self help which is great for the little things I forget how to do and you can always send a question or feature request with one click. Every week the Vetter team sends us new and exciting updates no matter how little they are, which proves that Vetter is always listening to the needs we have in practice.

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