October 18, 2017

Customer Spotlight: Edu-Vet Pet Hospital

Customer Spotlight: Edu-Vet Pet Hospital

Today we’re proud to share the story of Edu-Vet Pet Hospital. Opened on August 28, 2017 by Dr. John Dedwylder, Edu-Vet Pet Hospital is based in Roscoe, Texas, and is located in the Roscoe Collegiate Early College/STEM Academy.

The Roscoe Collegiate STEM Academy is divided into two categories: Biomedical Science and Engineering. Students can choose from several paths within the Biomedical Science category, including Clinical, which leads to Certified Veterinary Assistant (CVA) Level I (core), Level II, and Level III certifications, and Laboratory, which leads to CVA Level I non-clinical (core) certification and additional certifications in animal and plant biotechnology. Graduates of the program earn Associate degrees along with their certifications.

“I was introduced to STEM Academy a couple of years ago,” said Dr. Dedwylder, who also owns and operates Albany Pet Hospital in Albany, Texas. “I wanted to assist in realizing Dr. Kim Alexander’s, Superintendent of Roscoe Collegiate ISD, vision of providing a meaningful education to the next generation of potential veterinarians, veterinary assistants, as well as any medical profession. This was a perfect opportunity to do so.”

As part of earning their certifications, students spend 300 hours in the clinic observing procedures and mastering 180 technical skills, including proper restraining of animals, performing diagnostic tests, and identifying parasites microscopically. Dr. Dedwylder, Dr. Oesch and other experienced veterinary technicians oversee the students during their rotation. The students are also introduced to various technologies used in animal healthcare, including Vetter Software’s cloud practice management solution.

“Vetter was our first choice for Edu-Vet Roscoe to simplify the management and staff training for two hospitals 90 miles apart,” added Dr. Dedwylder. “We are thankful that Vetter was excited to partner with Edu-Vet Roscoe. Vetter provided the functionality we needed to operate our hospital efficiently. We gladly paid more for this functionality. The cloud-based software was a welcome solution to affordability operating our small hospital. Software systems that we had used in previous hospitals were cost prohibitive for our business model. In short, Vetter made our practice work, and made our work less frustrating and more efficient.”

Edu-Vet Roscoe currently includes Bovine Reproductive Services and plans to expand with the addition of the Equine Surgical Center in the future. Roscoe Collegiate ISD plans on expanding the medical curriculum and certifications for the students as well.

To learn more about Edu-Vet Pet Hospital, please visit:

Online: edu-vetroscoe.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Edu-Vet-Pet-Hospital-142923622961755/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/edu_vetroscoe