August 6, 2014

Vetter Software and the Global Alliance for Animals and People Announce Partnership in Latin America

Vetter Software today announced that it has partnered with the Global Alliance for Animals and People (the GAAP) in support of the GAAP’s mission to assist Latin American communities in finding locally-attainable, balanced and sustainable solutions for the challenges and conflicts they face when managing lands and animals. The GAAP’s head office and veterinary clinic in Valdivia, Chile will use Vetter Software’s cloud practice management software to coordinate and improve patient care in the region. The partnership will then be expanded to all other GAAP veterinary clinics in Latin America.

“We at the GAAP are very excited to be partnering with Vetter Software and to be implementing a really user-friendly system to facilitate the management of our clinic,” said Dr. Elena Garde, Program Director, the GAAP. “It’s obvious that Vetter Software has a vested interest in global health affairs that fits nicely with our mission. For our staff and volunteers working in our clinic and on our field projects, the availability of this software in multiple languages and with easy access from very remote regions of the world is a huge factor in our project success.”

“We’re proud to support the great work that the GAAP is doing in Latin America,” said Sagi Solomon, Founder & CEO, Vetter Software. “Our software will help streamline clinic operations, which will allow the team to care for more patients in less time. The fact that our software is in the cloud will also improve coordination between the clinic and providers in the field by allowing everyone to access patient records from wherever they are.”

The GAAP’s work is a continuation of the work initiated by Veterinarians without Borders-Canada (VWB-C) in 2009. The overwhelming need for assistance in Latin America prompted the opening of a regional branch of the Canadian organization in 2009, registered as Veterinarios sin Fronteras - America Latina, and later renamed the Global Alliance for Animals and People. The Valdivia clinic was opened in 2014. The clinic’s objective is to provide equal access to preventive veterinary care for all sectors of the community, as well as education for pet owners. Vetter Software will support the GAAP’s work in Latin America by providing the organization with free access to its practice management software.

About The Global Alliance for Animals and People

The Global Alliance for Animals and People (the GAAP) is formed by people and partners across the globe that recognize the importance of maintaining support to people and their animals in Latin America. The GAAP envisions a Latin America where people live in harmony with animals and the environment; where people recognize the cultural, emotional and economic value that they provide us with, so that they manage them in ways that maintain their states of health, sustainability and functionality. Located in Valdivia, Chile: the gateway to Patagonia, our office is the administrative location for a number of projects and activities both in-country and in other countries of Latin America. The building also houses our subsidized preventive medicine and education clinic for companion animals. To learn more, please visit