We’re excited to announce the newest addition to our suite of business tools for veterinarians - online appointment booking.  Booking appointments online has become routine in every aspect of our lives - from dinner reservations to yoga classes.  Until now, most veterinarians only offered pet owners the option to request appointments online, which is cumbersome and time-consuming for pet owners and practices because it still involves someone reviewing the request and manually confirming with the pet owner.  We think it’s time to automate this process by offering pet owners the convenience of booking appointments for their pets whenever they want to, especially when your practice is closed for the day!

Our online booking tool gives you the ability to decide which appointments can be booked online, whom they can be booked with, and even what the button for your website looks like.  The tool reads your schedule in real-time in order to determine availability.  To ensure that you have the final say over your schedule, you get to decide which appointments to accept, reschedule, or even decline.  All of the communications are automated via email or text message.

This is a simple and cost-effective way to attract new customers to your practice, as well as build stronger relationships with existing clients.  We believe that now is the time for veterinarians to take advantage of the opportunity to grow their practices by making it easier for pet owners to schedule appointments.