May 11, 2015

Jacksonville Humane Society and Vetter Software Announce Partnership

Today we announced that we will donate our leading cloud practice management solution to The Jacksonville Humane Society, a no-kill animal adoption facility, education center and low-cost, high-quality animal hospital located in Jacksonville, Florida, in support of JHS’s mission to bring about an end to the killing of abandoned and orphaned shelter animals.

“As a nonprofit, we strive to make veterinary care accessible and affordable to anyone in the community,” said Denise Deisler, Executive Director of The Jacksonville Humane Society. “Not only did Vetter Software meet our core technology needs, they embraced our mission. By donating their services, Vetter Software helps to further that mission and allows us to reallocate the funds we would have spent on technology to helping animals in need.”

“A core part of our mission is to help improve the health of the world’s animals,” said Sagi Solomon, Founder and CEO of Vetter Software. “One way that we live that mission is by providing highly discounted or free services to non-profit organizations in support of their efforts to provide better care for the animals in their care. We’re proud to support JHS in its efforts to provide high-quality care to animals in need, and look forward to working with other non-profit organizations to help achieve their missions.”

The search for a new practice management system was prompted by a strategic, organization-wide shift to a cloud platform. The shift to the cloud offers JHS more flexibility than on-site software and allows for access to medical records from anywhere. “JHS was looking for a comprehensive, consistent, user-friendly software that was cloud compatible to help manage our hospital,” added Denise. “With an onsite server, we often experienced periods of downtime and loss of productivity which was frustrating both for our clients and staff alike. After evaluating several solutions, we selected Vetter Software to maximize productivity and minimize downtime due to server issues.” Vetter Software will replace Intravet as JHS’s practice management software.

About The Jacksonville Humane Society

The Jacksonville Humane Society (JHS) operates a full service, low cost animal hospital that is open to the public. We have 3 full time and 1 part time veterinarians and a full staff to support them. Last year, the hospital saw over 28,000 clients and provided more than $500,000 of free or low cost medical care to shelter animals and the public.

In addition to the animal hospital, JHS also operates a shelter that cares for more than 6,000 animals each year. Together with our partners, JHS has helped Jacksonville to become one of the largest cities in the United States to achieve and maintain no kill status. This means that 90% or more of animals who enter shelters, citywide, make it out alive. JHS and our partners have been recognized as a model community for achieving no kill by notable national organizations such as PetSmart Charities, Best Friends Animal Society, the ASPCA and Petco Foundation.

In addition to helping to find animals homes, JHS also acts a community resource by annually providing:

  • 5,000+ children with humane education
  • 3,000+ families facing financial crisis who are at risk of surrendering their pet with resources such as free medical care, temporary boarding and pet food and supplies, so that they don’t have lose their beloved pets.
  • 5,000 + animals with free and low cost spay neuter services
  • Volunteer opportunities for 2,000+ people

To learn more about The Jacksonville Humane Society, please visit