September 12, 2018

Customer Spotlight: Ladysmith Veterinary Clinic

Customer Spotlight: Ladysmith Veterinary Clinic

Today we’re proud to share the story of Ladysmith Veterinary Clinic, which is located in Ladysmith, Wisconsin. The practice was founded 40 years ago, and was purchased four years ago by Dr. Jacob Smith. Dr. Smith cares for small animals and hobby livestock, while Dr. Todd Berry provides full service livestock care. Under Dr. Smith’s leadership, the practice continue to grow, and has recently opened a satellite facility in Ridgeland, Wisconsin.

Ladysmith Veterinary Clinic started using our software earlier this year. Here’s the story of their journey as told by Dr. Smith:

We were a very small practice when we took over ownership 4 years ago. It was run very traditionally - manila files, and paper and pen records. We needed to find a practice management solution that didn't mean borrowing more money for networking infrastructure and expensive software (we already borrowed a lot to purchase new equipment to help grow our practice). We heard from several advisers that cloud-based programs were gaining traction in the industry, so we decided to explore that option.

We chose Vetter for several reasons. Vetter's subscription plans helped us get started without a large outlay of cash. The fact that all you need is an Internet connection, and that it can be used on the road and from home, was ideal for us. Both of these are crucial for me - I am married with five kids, and being present at home is key.

Vetter has proven to be an excellent fit for our practice. The support team keeps a careful eye on what we are doing, and are available to help us any time we need. The software has brought us up to speed with what’s current in business management tools, and has even taken us past what most clinics are doing in terms of front desk technology. I would absolutely recommend Vetter, especially for 2 to 3 doctor practices like ours. Vetter allows you to have up to date front office technology that is budget- and customer- friendly.

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