March 29, 2019

Customer Spotlight: Lakeview Pet Hospital

Today we’re proud to share the story of Lakeview Pet Hospital in Oklahoma City, OK.

Customer Spotlight: Lakeview Pet Hospital

Today we’re proud to share the story of Lakeview Pet Hospital in Oklahoma City, OK.  Dr. Jeremy Cramer purchased the practice five years ago, and has since grown the team to ten, and is in the process of becoming the only vet clinic in Oklahoma to be fear free certified.  The practice is AAHA accredited.

Lakeview Pet Hospital started using our software a year ago.  Here’s the story of their journey as shared by Dr. Cramer:

For the first four years after I purchased the practice I decided to continue to use the practice software that was already in place because it was already established and I was afraid to change up something that large.  We were very much a paper/folder clinic with very little computer usage for medical records.   However, I grew tired of using a software that rarely updated, and when it did, it had a very large number of issues.  I knew that I needed a change.
My goal was to find a platform that was user-friendly and that would allow us to become paperless. Integration with labs and equipment was paramount. I also knew this would be a very stressfully time for our staff and myself when trying to switch data between software programs and become paperless at the same time. Lastly, I wanted a product that would be constantly evolving with new technology and equipment, and highly customizable to fit our needs.
A colleague and mentor of mine, Dr. David Hudson, recommended that I check out Vetter.  I met Vetter’s CEO at a conference.  I loved that he was actually involved with, and present at, the conference to answer questions and interact with.  I felt like the Vetter team actually cared about the tools needed for a successful transition and was ready to help.  Also the ability to adapt and add new features constantly was incredible.  After reviewing the solution, it was clear that Vetter was able to accomplish all of my requirements.
I have used Vetter for the past year and let me just say, this company and knocked it out of the park. My fear of transitioning practice software was all for nothing. Not to say it's as simple as the click of a button, but the Vetter team walked us through everything and has always been there for customer support.  The cloud-based platform has been such a blessing and truly a game changer for my business. To be able to conduct business from home or on the go is phenomenal!  No more servers to worry about! The reminder system has also simplified our lives by decreasing the number of man-hours it used to take.  Inventory tracking and ordering is now a breeze. Financial reports and other data reports are literally just a few clicks away. I always hated running these in our prior program because they took forever and were never exactly what I wanted. Vetter has absolutely changed our business for the better and I'm looking forward to a very long relationship!