November 2, 2017

Customer Spotlight: Natchez Trace Veterinary Services

Customer Spotlight: Natchez Trace Veterinary Services

Today we’re proud to share the story of Natchez Trace Veterinary Services. Dr. Marc Smith founded NTVS in 2013 in Franklin, Tennessee. The practice soon expanded to a second location. Today both boutique practices provide equine and small animal services that integrate many forms of medicine into their overall practice philosophy.

In 2017, Dr. Smith’s server was attacked by ransomware (read What You Need to Know About Ransomware to learn more about the dangers of ransomware). As a result of the attack, NTVS was left without access to its server, which housed its practice management system and clinic records. “After being attacked by ransomware, I decided to look for a cloud solution,” said Dr. Smith. “I wanted enhanced security at all costs. I thought, and I still think, that a cloud-based solution works best. After my frustrating experience with ransomware I realized that I could benefit from help from people who know technology and how to leverage technology to make my practice more efficient. I feel that Vetter is at the cutting edge and therefore I can learn a lot from them and their platform.”

Despite the disruption to the practices that resulted from the ransomware attack, the NTVS team was able to quickly and successfully complete the transition to Vetter Software’s solution. “If I had to pick a word that best describes my relationship with Vetter, it would most likely be ‘supportive’,” added Dr. Smith. “I feel like the Vetter people are in this for the long-haul and they are looking at our relationship as a team relationship as opposed to a transactional relationship. The support of Vetter is second to none. They have helped me through many hiccups without wasting time on putting me off. I would recommend Vetter because I feel like the efficiency and the quality of a practice will skyrocket if you take advantage of all the advances that Vetter provides.”

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