March 5, 2016

Patterson Veterinary and Vetter Software Announce Inventory Integration

Today we announced that we've partnered with Patterson Veterinary to provide veterinarians with a seamless way to manage inventory in their clinics. Through a piece of middleware called eShelf, a cloud-based software, veterinarians using Vetter Software’s cloud practice management software can now automate ordering and fulfilling processes with Patterson, making inventory management easier than ever.

“Our new eShelf integration allows veterinarians to set alerts for product reorders and place orders with Patterson directly from their Vetter Software accounts,” said Sagi Solomon, CEO and founder of Vetter Software. “This integration means that veterinarians can be more strategic when making purchasing decisions and move closer to managing their inventory using a just-in-time approach. The integration also provides real-time product availability and pricing information so veterinarians can reduce time and costs from traditional ordering processes.”

“Our partnership with Vetter Software will continue to provide our customers with great time-saving features,” said Dan Holland, director of technology for Patterson Veterinary. “Vetter Software is leading the way in the market with Patterson to provide automated inventory features for customers and we believe this is the future for veterinary medicine.”

“We’re very excited to be able to help veterinarians maximize their practice efficiency and bottom line. The eShelf integration will be a valuable tool for our customers,” said George Henriques, chief commercial officer, Patterson Veterinary.

Patterson customers who also use Vetter Software’s cloud practice management software can access this integration for no additional fee.