October 16, 2017

Our 17th consecutive quarter of double-digit growth

Today we announced record results for the third quarter of 2017, which were highlighted by an increase in platform adoption of 16% and the announcement of a partnership with DemandForce.

Our platform is now used by more people to manage more patients worldwide than any other platform. We’re also the first platform to offer a robust business intelligence solution that allows practice groups to tap into the vast power of the data they generate using our solutions, which we believe is the next opportunity to advance the industry. Finally, I’m proud to continue to expand our partnerships with industry leaders such as DemandForce and Merck Veterinary Manual to offer innovative solutions that add to the overall value of our offering.

Here are some of the highlights from our Q3:

  • We grew the total number of clinics that we serve by 10% (we now serve clinics in 23 countries!)

  • More than 3,250,000 patients are managed on our platform -
    and increase of 16% from last quarter

  • We house more than 70,000,000 medical records on our platform - an increase of 15% from last quarter

  • We announced partnerships with DemandForce and Merck Veterinary Manual

  • We introduced several product innovations including the ability to share client and patient records among multiple locations, a business intelligence solution to assist practice groups in uncovering growth opportunities, and an automated solution for coordinating staff activities within the practice

Many thanks to our entire team who work tirelessly around the clock to provide our customers with an outstanding experience. Also, many thanks to our customers for all of their help in making us the leading technology company in animal healthcare!