January 9, 2018

Thank you for an amazing 2017

Thank you for an amazing 2017

2017 was an amazing year! We continued to deliver on our mission to coordinate the health of the world’s animals, and to develop groundbreaking, innovative solutions for animal health care. As we expanded our leadership role in the industry, we got a driver’s seat view into the dramatic shift away from server-based systems and to cloud technologies that is sweeping the industry. This is only the beginning!

We reached several important milestones this year. We began the year with 1,850,000 patients under care, and we ended the year with more than double that number to over 3,750,000. We expanded our global reach to 23 countries, including South Africa, Oman, and The Philippines. We increased the number of businesses that use our platform by more than 60%! We’re proud to include among our customers rescues in Europe, Asia and Latin America, medical and veterinary technician teaching institutions, companies with “bring your pet to work” programs, and of course animal healthcare professionals serving rural and metropolitan communities throughout the world.

Earlier in the year we launched our partner developer program, which allows other industry leaders to integrate their solutions into our platform. We’re proud to partner with companies like DemandForce, Vetstoria, and PawPrint, who provide valuable solutions that help our mutual customers grow their businesses. We will be announcing several additional partners in the coming weeks.

We also introduced several key innovations, including custom automations that eliminate common manual tasks, the ability to allow customers to pay invoices online, the ability to share patient and client records between locations, and the industry’s only business intelligence solution. These are but a few of the innovative features that we developed in close partnership with our customers.

Thank you to our customers for allowing us to help grow your businesses, for helping us to improve every day, and for partnering with us to deliver on our mission to help coordinate the health of the world’s animals.

Thank you to our partners for your support in spreading the word about what we’re doing, for building solutions that increase the value of our combined solutions, and for continuing to help us drive innovation in our industry.

Last but certainly not least, thank you to our employees for your unwavering dedication to our customers’ success, your tireless efforts to help our company exceed its goals, and for making Vetter the most rewarding and dynamic company that I’ve ever worked for.

Here’s to happy, prosperous and healthy New Year!