December 22, 2015

Veterinary Centers Curacao Selects Vetter Software to Manage its Clinics in the Cloud

Today we announced that Veterinary Centers Curacao, a four-clinic veterinary practice group based in Curacao, selected its cloud practice management solution to centrally manage all of its clinics in the cloud.

“We currently own several practices,” said Dr. Lyndon Comenencia, Founder of Veterinary Centers Curacao. “We were planning to buy a server and to connect all the practices to that server, but after researching that approach we concluded that a cloud system would be more effective. We selected Vetter Software because it is highly rated by other veterinarians for its user-friendliness - it is indeed very user friendly.”

“The challenges associated with managing multiple clinics become infinitely more complex without the benefits of the cloud,” said Sagi Solomon, Founder and CEO of Vetter Software. “Our cloud software provides group practice owners with real-time information about what’s happening at each of their clinics without the complexity and expense of servers and server-based software. We are proud to be a part of Veterinary Centers Curacao’s next phase of growth.”

About Veterinary Centers Curacao

Veterinary Centers Curacao was founded by Dr. Lyndon Comenencia in the backyard of his parents’ home in Curacao nearly 24 year ago. Over the next 10 years the practice grew, and Dr. Comenencia opened two additional veterinary offices and a large clinic. In November 2015, Veterinary Centers Curacao opened its third veterinary office. Dr. Comenencia still practices full-time in the clinic in the backyard of his parents’ home.