December 19, 2017

Announcing our partnership with Vetstoria

Announcing our partnership with Vetstoria

We're excited to announce our partnership with Vetstoria, a leading online booking service for veterinarians. As part of our partnership we're introducing an integration between our practice management solution and Vetstoria’s online appointment booking solution. The integration allows clients of the practice to schedule appointments online based on real-time information from Vetter Software.

Clients are increasingly asking for ways to do more on their own. Booking appointments is no exception, and is reflective of a wider trend that is sweeping through other industries including human medicine, wellness and fitness services, and entertainment. Clinics using Vetstoria online scheduling are seeing an average of 17% of online appointments made by new clients. In addition, clinics are able to offset a significant amount of the time spent manually booking appointments by allowing clients to book appointments on their own time, including after clinic-hours. Scheduling rules defined in Vetstoria’s solution are applied against availability information from our solution in real-time, and ensures that clients schedule appointments in a way that makes sense for each clinic.

“Market research shows that 75% of your clients prefer to schedule online. We’re happy to be able to offer the same service to Vetter users.” said Julien Renard, co-founder of Vetstoria. “As it is the case across other industries, including human health, online scheduling is becoming a ‘must have’ for veterinary hospitals. With 50% of all online appointments made out of hours, we see this as an exciting opportunity for Veterinarians. Allowing you to keep generating business while the hospital is closed.

This integration was developed using our API and is available to all of our customers immediately. In celebration of the launch, Vetstoria is offering a free month of subscription to its online scheduling solution and half-off its setup fee for a limited time.

To learn more about Vetstoria including how to customize it to fit your practice, please visit You can also find Vetstoria on Facebook at https://, Twitter