August 9, 2016

Vetter Software Surpasses One Million Patients and 20 Million Records Milestones

Today we announced that our cloud practice management software is used to manage more than one million patients and 20 million medical records, the value of which exceeds $500 million.

“We are extremely proud to have achieved these milestones,” said Sagi Solomon, CEO and Founder of Vetter Software. “These numbers prove that adoption of cloud technologies is spreading quickly among animal healthcare practitioners, and is quickly becoming the dominant technology platform in the industry. I am grateful to the dedication and support demonstrated by our customers and partners in helping us to reach these milestones, and to the hard work and commitment of our team. I look forward to working with our current and future customers and partners as we continue to race towards the next set of milestones.”

Veterinary practices, boarders, groomers, breeders and shelters in over 50 countries use our cloud practice management software to manage their operations - from scheduling appointments to collecting payments. Our software allows these businesses to run better by automating manual tasks, streamlining cumbersome workflows and improving visibility into the financial health of their businesses.