July 25, 2016

Weimar Vet Clinic Moves to the Cloud with Vetter Software

Weimar Vet Clinic Moves to the Cloud with Vetter Software

Today we announced that Weimar Vet Clinic, a mixed animal practice based in Weimar, Texas, has selected our cloud practice management solution to replace its paper-based record keeping process.

“When we bought the clinic there was no software in place,” said Dr. Cami Kainer, owner of Weimar Vet Clinic. “We looked for a software system that was efficient, user friendly and easily accessible. Vetter Software fit all of those qualities. Since using Vetter Software, the dynamic of our clinic has really changed for the better. It's so nice that we can use the software on our tablet anywhere in the facility, and our clients appreciate not having to wait for long periods of time for staff to enter charges and take payments.”

“Paper-based practices often struggle with managing growth,” said Sagi Solomon, CEO and Founder of Vetter Software. “It may be possible to start a practice using paper record, but that approach quickly limits the practice’s ability to grow. I commend Dr. Kainer for recognizing these limitations, as well as recognizing the fact that the cloud will help her grow her business for the long term. We look forward to partnering with the Weimar team for many years.”

“We love the easy accessibility to our records that the cloud provides,” added Dr. Kainer. “Vetter Software is very user friendly, and the support staff are always available and very helpful. I recommend that anyone looking to move to the cloud consider Vetter Software.”

About Weimar Vet Clinic

Weimar Vet Clinic is a mixed animal practice based in Weimar, Texas. The practice is owned by Drs. Kurt & Cami Kainer. To learn more about Weimar Vet Clinic, please visit http://www.weimarvet.com/.