December 23, 2014

Willow Glen Pet Hospital Selects Vetter Software

Today we're happy to announce that Willow Glen Pet Hospital selected our veterinary healthcare service to manage its new practice in San Jose, California.

“We chose Vetter Software over server-based software because of its ease of use and because the Vetter team have been a big help in the start up of my practice,” said Dr. Rajvir Gillon, owner of Willow Glen Pet Hospital. “The people I have hired love the software. It helps with the management of my clinic by providing me with the information that I need to continuously makes changes to the hospital to maximize its potential. This allows me to focus more on the medicine aspect of my business.”

“We are more than just a technology vendor to the clinics that we work with,” said Sagi Solomon Founder & CEO of Vetter Software. “We are their partner, and we do whatever we can to help them be successful. I couldn’t be more excited for Dr. Gillon and his team, and I look forward to partnering with them for many years to come.”

The decision to use Vetter Software was also driven by the substantial savings that are achieved from using a cloud solution. “I chose cloud-based software over server-based software because it saved me a very large amount on my start-up costs,” added Dr. Gillon. “Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on server-based software, the servers, maintenance costs and update costs, I invested the money in the equipment that allowed my clinic to start off in a much better position than it would have.”

About Willow Glen Pet Hospital

The vision for Willow Glen Pet Hospital, first and foremost, is to prevent serious veterinary medical conditions from arising through the use of preventative medicine and client education and also providing excellent veterinary services at a reasonable cost. What sets us apart from other clinics is that we utilize all technology that is available to us. We have top of the line diagnostic equipment at our disposal and all record keeping will be digital. Another thing that sets us apart from other clinics is the passion that the staff has for what we do. Each and every member of the team is a genuine pet lover and will do the most that they can for every patient that walks in the door. Our goal to our clients is for them to be able come in for anything from simple vaccinations to emergency situations and walking out the door feeling that they were provided with excellent service and that their pets were well cared for and treated like part of our family. To learn more about Willow Glen Pet Hospital, please visit